ISSS Appointment

Select an advisor who specializes in the area of your question.

The ISSS Office is not open for in-person advising in Fall 2022.

Document Pick-up

Choose this option ONLY if you need to:
1. Pick up a new DS-2019
2. Receive a travel signature on your current DS-2019, OR
3. Receive ISSS signature on your on-campus employment letter.

Other walk-in appointments are not accepted. For any other questions, please contact ISSS at or 202-885-3350

Please disregard the Zoom link provided after booking. You should come to the ISSS Office in person at 410 Butler Pavilion.

Anna Tigan

IAP/MAP/Collegiate Student Affairs, Orientation, Programming, Transition


Alyssa Sistare

Employment (Intl Organization [IO], OPT, STEM OPT), Enrollment Issues, Final Semester Reduced Course Load, Transfer Out


Dennix Averion

Employment (On-campus Employment, OPT), Enrollment Issues, Final Semester Reduced Course Load, Study Abroad, Transfer Out


Jeff DeLaitsch

IAP/MAP/Collegiate Student Affairs, Programming, Orientation


Juliana Fernandes

Doctorate Field Research, Employment (CPT), Enrollment Issues, Medical Reduced Course Load, Program Extension, Termination of Status (Temporary Leave, Voluntary Separation, Withdrawal), Transfer Out


Nicole Powers

Academic Training, F-1 Degree immigration Documents, J-1 Scholars, Language Exchange Program


Shannon Conheady

Academic Training, J-1 Students (Abroad at AU, ELTA, Washington Semester Program), Orientation, Programming


Yui Itokawa

iEagle Technology Support, General Inquiries